Conveyor belt manufacturers in Gurgaon

Conveyor belts are popularly used everywhere and the Kashetter group of firms are considered to be
the most reliable and trusted conveyor belt manufacturers in Gurgaon. using of these belts helps in
enabling the easy transportation of the objects from one place to another place.

the conveyor belt consists of different specifications which varies in its construction material, belt
width, belt thickness, belt length and many more factors are included. few of the main different
types of conveyor belts that are widely and extensively used in all kinds of industrial sector are, the
cold resistant conveyor belt, fabric conveyor belt, agro based conveyor belt, food grade conveyor
belt, high temperature resistant conveyor belt and many more.

We have been there conveyor belt manufacturers not only in Gurgaon, but also in other major cities
of India. we have been fabricating the different specified conveyor belts in the standard procedure
as mentioned in the Indian standards and international standards and hence we also go to
certification from those recognized authorities.

The cherry groups never fail to produce the quality products and never compromise with the
efficiency and the quality of the product’s we are fabricating. we are known for our professionalism
where we carry out each and every step of business and fabrication professionally following them it
takes and have a fair business with all our clients.

Each and every type of industrial sectors further it may be a small scale industry or a large scale
industry make use of the conveyor belts in many kind of applications. They enable the faster
production and decreases the need for skilled labour and hence decreases the overall cost. Along
with Being the best manufacturers of conveyor belt in Gurgaon, we are also its dealers and service
providers also.

The other related product information has been updated on the website where you can get the
details about the same and contact us for orders enquiries.

Conveyor belt manufacturers in Gurgaon


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