Conveyor belt manufacturers in Gurugram

Gurugram is one of the most famous industrial hub place consisting of the different industries. the
conveyor belts can be used for any kind of application here and the kashetter group of firms has
always been one of the most trusted conveyor belt manufacturers in Gurugram.
Kashetter group of firms was established in Bangalore and initially we have provided all the services
within the place, and now we have expanded of a business all over the world. we have been very
much dedicated to our profession and has always made sure to keep ourselves updated with the
new technologies and methodologies that are required for fabrication process.

The kashetter group of firms are not only the best conveyor belt manufacturers, we have always
been focusing on meeting the demands of the industrial needs and satisfying the clients with our
quality and service.

The most common industrial equipments or the conveyor belts that we have been supplying to the
clients for various applications are, cold resistant conveyor belt, high temperature resistant conveyor
belt, endless conveyor belt, mining conveyor belt, fabric conveyor belt, rubber conveyor belt, food
grade conveyor belt and many more.

Not only are the conveyor belts available in different types, but also with different specifications,
regarding its length, Width, its construction material, properties etc. Using of these specified
conveyor belt in all the industrial sector has enabled the industries to gain Overall productivity and
efficiency with its fast completion of work, Decrease in overall cost and saving a lot of time and
energy of the people.

Order them with your required specifications and we deliver them soon providing various services. If
you want to know more about our Company, it’s establishment, regarding the location of our
production unit, to know complete information about the products and chemicals we are delivering,
etc, you can get all of the info from our official website.

Conveyor belt manufacturers in Gurugram


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