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Conveyor belt manufacturers in Hubli

All the types of conveyor belt are highly recommended and they’re the most demanded products in
the industrial sectors for conveying the heavier objects as well as the light objects from one place to
another place. Cherry groups has always been the best conveyor belt manufacturers in Hubli.

We have our firm established in Bangalore in the year 1964 and since then we have been fabricating
a lot varieties of machinery parts required by the industrial sectors to have a smooth operation and
produce the high quality raw materials. Each and Every type of belt has its own importance and their
applicable only for certain works in the industrial sectors.

the industries in Hubli not only uses the conveyor belt from us, but they’re also utilising conveyor
rollers, water treatment chemicals and wide other varieties of industrial equipment that are highly
required for an industry to run. they are not only used in a particular industry they are used in all the
types of industrial sectors irrespective of the small scale and large scale business.

the kashetter group of firms are not only the best manufacturers of the conveyor belt in Hubli but
also we are the best manufacturers in India. we fabricate the bells according to the needs of the
industrial sectors and perform several tests on them in order to ensure its safety and quality.

Cold resistant conveyor belt, high temperature resistant conveyor belt, endless conveyor belt, fabric
conveyor belt, agro based conveyor belt, acid resistant conveyor belt, corrosion resistant conveyor
belt, mining conveyor belt and there are many more of its types and based upon the property they
are helpful in certain industries.

to know more about the locations we are shipping or about the details of our company and the
service we are providing, kindly have a look at our official website and then you can contact us
directly for booking appointments and for orders.

Conveyor belt manufacturers in Hubli


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