Conveyor belt manufacturers in Indore

A large number of most popular industries are located in indoor and the cherry groups are the most
popular and trusted conveyor belt manufacturers in Indore since many years. It is very much
necessary to transport the heavy we did objects from one place to another place in an easy way. and
that is where the conveyor belts plays a very important role.

all the industrial type of sectors will have the need of transporting though heavy weighted objects
and it is difficult for the manpower to handle this situation in short duration and it also consists of
risk or damage occurring to the people. but the conveyor belt solves all of its problem by easily
transporting them.

The kashetter group of firms have been the most reliable belt conveyor manufacturers not just in
Indore but also in India. the continuous hard work and dedication towards fabrication process and
updating ourselves of always for inculcating the new technologies in fabrication process has led us to
produce the most high quality products very effectively.

We are not only the manufacturers of the belt conveyor in Indore, we are also the manufacturers of
other types of industrial products that are also highly recommended for other applicational purpose.
such as, corrosion resistant conveyor belt, white elevator belt, food grade conveyor belt, mining
conveyor belt, endless conveyor belt, rubber conveyor belt, bucket elevator belt , gearbox, water
treatment chemicals etc.

The transportation facilities to the clients will be offered either by the roadways, railways and
Airways and if you have specific requirements regarding the transportation you can discuss about
the same with us. for more related products, water treatment chemicals, our production units, our
services and to know more about our company and its establishment details, you can have a look at
our official website.

Conveyor belt manufacturers in Indore


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