Conveyor belt manufacturers in Jebel Ali

Jebel Ali is known for its commercial harbour which is surrounded by the free industrial zone, is an
underrated gem but still is one of the best experience any seeker will be getting in Dubai. They do
consist of few of the main industries and the kashetter group of firms have been one of the most
popular conveyor belt manufacturers in Jebel Ali since many years.

Jebel Ali consists of the large marine port in the Middle East And is also one of the best place
consisting of the industrial hub. The industries will require different equipments for different
applications and the kashetter group of firms has been fulfilling all these industrial needs by
providing them the high quality raw materials and products since many years.

the cherry groups are so glad that we were able to win the trust of the clients and has been very
much dedicated to our profession we have not only been the best manufacturers of conveyor belt in
Jebel Ali, but we are also being the manufacturers for all the places nearby and has even customized
mini kinds of conveyor belts with the specifications as per the needs of the clients.

we have the certification for all the newly customized conveyor belts from the Indian standards and
also from the international standards as well. Kind of conveyor belt has specific application and
benefits. few of the types of convertibles to mention are, cold resistant conveyor belt, endless
conveyor belt, rubber conveyor belt, agro based conveyor belt, construction belt, etc.

For being the best conveyor belt manufacturers we have been practising many standard procedures
mentioned in the Indian standards for fabrication process and has always follow the professional
ethics and maintain the fair business with all our clients. being dedicated and keep updating
ourselves with new technologies and working smartly has all made us to be considered as one of the
best manufacturing company.

Conveyor belt manufacturers in Jebel Ali


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