Conveyor belt manufacturers in Karwar

Conveyor Belts are popular all over the world and they are being used extensively in all kinds of
industrial sectors irrespective of small scale and large scale business. the Kashetter group of firms
are the best conveyor belt manufacturers in Karwar and not only the conveyor belts we are also
offering the other related and most extensively used industrial products in Karwar.

The Kashetter Group of firms are offering all the different types of conveyor belts and they are made
available in the market in the affordable price. We are not only shipping them within India but we
have also supplied them to many of the foreign countries that has covered almost each and every
continent in the world.

the certification has been provided by the Indian standards and also the international standards on
each and every industrial equipment that we have fabricated. The conveyor belt manufacturers are
highly in demand everywhere because of its tremendous advantages and benefits.
to mention some of its advantages is that they are cost effective, Available in wide range of
specifications, saves time and energy, increases the efficiency and productivity, they can be
transported over different elevations and also the long distance, increases the efficiency and

A lot of manufacturing company has been established but what makes us different from everyone is
that we have been educating ourselves and also the clients in making the best utilisation of the
product’s and a cheaper way, yet not compromising with the quality. we have always followed the
professional methods and has fabricated each and every kind of Product’s following the methods
mentioned on the Indian standards.

You can get your contact information from our official website and also if interested kindly check the
other related industrial products with its complete information and costs details.

Conveyor belt manufacturers in Karwar


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