Conveyor Belt manufacturers in Maldives

Maldives is not only popular for the tourism, but it also do consist of many main industries related to
the fish processing, boat building, coconut processing, sand mining and many more. The Kashetter
Group of firms has been one of the best conveyor belt manufacturers in Maldives since many years
and we have been not only providing the industries with the conveyor belt but also with many of the
related and most popular machinery parts also.

Using of the conveyor belt has a lot of benefits and advantages but it is also important for end user
to know the easy and every kind of convertibles available in the market and depending upon the
applicational requirements available then you choose the type of conveyor belts. every kind of belt is
fabricated with different specifications and property and has the ability to perform only certain

Being the belt conveyor manufacturers we always made sure of its safety and quality and hence we
have been fabricating then with the standard procedures and has always run several test before
distribution to make sure of its quality. We do have the ISO certification on all these fabricated
conveyor belt, so the clients need not to worry about the quality all of its safety.

We have the transportation facilities provided to all the clients by roadways, railways and even by air
base depending upon the location and convenience of the customers. along with the conveyor belt
and conveyor rollers were also manufacturing and supplying the wide other related machinery
equipments and parts available in different specifications and in the most affordable price. We are
just glad to be remembered as one of the most trusted manufacturers of conveyor belt in Maldives.

you can know all about it from our official website and then you can feel free to contact us to make
an orders and two clear your queries.

Conveyor Belt manufacturers in Maldives


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