Conveyor belt manufacturers in Meerut

Meerut is one of the most popular city in India and it consists of different industrial sectors also.
Kashetter group of firms has been considered to be the best and most popular conveyor belts to
manufacturers in Meerut since many years. the most basic advantage of using the conveyor belt is
that it enables the fast and safe transportation of the objects from one place to another place.

The cherry groups have been focused on producing the most demanding and highly required
industrial equipment in order to help the industries achieve the overall productivity and increase the
efficiency. All over fabricated products have certification from international standards and also the
Indian standards and we fabricate only following the standard procedure mentioned in the Indian

Kashetter group of firms are not only the manufacturers of conveyor belt in Meerut, where we are
also the dealers, wholesalers, retailers, distributors, suppliers, exporters and service providers of
many other highly demanded industrial equipments and water treatment chemicals.

We are not only the belt manufacturers in Meerut, we have supplied them to a lot of other cities
and have even exported them to many of the foreign countries providing their clients with different
mode of transportation. You think of this belt helps in decreasing the requirement of the skilled
labours, increases the overall efficiency and helps in getting more productivity of the industries.

There are a lot other related industrial equipments that we are supplying and you can get it’s
completely from our official website. In case if you’re looking for any customized industrial
equipment, you’re still in the right place because we offer the customized industrial equipments as
barrier specifications.

You Can always contact us for booking orders and clearing all your queries and feel free to even ask
us about the present of it’s available on all our industrial products and water treatment chemicals.

Conveyor belt manufacturers in Meerut


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