Conveyor Belt manufacturers in Nepal

Nepal is considered to be one of the landlocked country in South Asia which is mainly situated in the
Himalayas and has a few parts in the indo gangetic plain. The Kashetter group of firms has been one
of the most leading and trusted conveyor belt manufacturers in Nepal since few years, where the
major exports are of clothing and carpet and rug mills.

The Nepal do consist of different types of industrial sectors that maybe consisting of the textile
industry, rice jute and sugar industry, oilseed mills, cigarette manufacturing, brick manufacturing,
cement manufacturing, the fabrication of the carpets and many more small scale and large scale
industries. And each and every industries in Nepal are making the best use of the conveyor belts and
other related equipments.

The main purpose of using the conveyor belt in all kinds of industrial sectors is that they have the
ability of transporting the heavy loaded objects from one place to another place whether it may be
horizontally, vertically or even in client without causing any kind of damage to the transported
materials and objects.

We’re just so glad to be remembered as one of the most trusted manufacturers of conveyor belt in
Nepal and we have being able to achieve this only because of the continuous hard work and
dedication that we that we have made. We have never neglected the release of the customers and
has always been working on improving ourselves, our standards and ethics.

Although The cherry groups was established in India, we have expanded our business in the right
locations of the world and we also have different production unit set up at different locations. we
always make sure to deliver the services to their clients in the most safe and fastest way possible.
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Conveyor Belt manufacturers in Nepal


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