Conveyor Belt Manufacturers In Pune

Conveyor belts are being used in almost every industrial sector. conveyor belts are mainly used for transporting raw materials and loaded objects from one point to another point. It also makes sure that no material is sagging and prevents the leakage of materials. Conveyor belts are of various kinds. Conveyor belt manufacturers in pune, Can design all kinds of conveyor belts by taking orders from the clients as per their choice and specifications.
The conveyor belts perform various duty based on the type of industry. Like for example there are conveyor belts that can resist heat, That can resist oil, that can resist flame, that can resist Acids and alkalies, etc. Kashetter group of firms have been the largest suppliers and manufacturers of conveyor belt in pune. always make sure that the product we are producing to the customer is of high quality with the standard specifications. We have been in this professional business since more than half of the century. Manufacturing conveyor belt  is done with involving a certain process. Before manufacturing any conveyor belt, one has to know, to what purpose it will be used later and then be designed accordingly.
Kashetter group of firms also manufacture white elevator belts, cleated conveyor belts, play rubber conveyor belts, conveyor rollers and it’s different types, gearboxes,  and its types, heavy duty rollers Etc.
Kashetter group of firms has supplied a large quantity and varieties of products in Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Gujarat, Delhi, covering every state in India. But we have been the most reliable conveyor belt manufacturers in Pune.
We have not only supplied and manufactured but we have also exported all our products to the foreign countries that has covered almost every continent in the world.
Hence you have landed to the right place for purchasing.



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