Conveyor belt manufacturers in Raigarh

The basic use of the conveyor belt is that it helps in transporting the different types of raw materials
from one place to another place irrespective of the size and shape of the object. Using of the
conveyor belts makes it easier transportation where is decrease is the need of time and energy of the
skilled people and increases the overall productivity of the industries. the kashetter group of firms
are the best conveyor belt manufacturers in Raigarh for many years.

we have been supplying all the different varieties of conveyor belts, conveyor rollers, the spare
parts, Water treatment chemical, diamond rubber lagging sheets, rubber sheets, EPDM sheets, oil
resistant belts etc, in Raigarh. Being one of the best manufacturers of conveyor belt in Raigarh, our
main focus was to fulfil all the demands of the industrial needs and produce them the quality

We have got the certification from all the recognised standards of Indian as well as the international
authorities and we have been making the regular interval laugh test on all the products we are
making so that they are best in its efficiency and quality under the guidance of the quality exports.

even though there are belt conveyor manufacturing industries in Raigarh, what makes a cherry
group stand out of it is that we always follow the professionalism and always run a fair business with
all the clients providing them the best quality and long lasting industrial products, with this
customized specifications as per the requirement of the clients.

To get your required customized and specified products, all you have to do is just whatsapp us with
the details of your order and we will deliver it within a very short period of time providing you with a
different transportation facility option that is Fast and secure.

Conveyor belt manufacturers in Raigarh


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