Conveyor belt manufacturers in Rajkot

Conveyor belt are nothing but the continuously moving fabric used for transporting the materials
and objects from one place to another place. It is highly recommended in all kinds of industrial
sectors and kashetter group of firms has always been one of the most popular and trusted conveyor
belt manufacturers in Rajkot since many years.

Till now, we have provided not only the conveyor belt but also many other related types and
specified conveyor belt and other machinery parts to almost all kinds of industrial sectors in Rajkot
that includes the pharmaceutical industries, food processing and packaging industry, manufacturing
industry, construction industry and many more, it respective of small scale and large scale.

the cherry groups, being one of the most popular and leading manufacturers of conveyor belt in
Rajkot, has not only been providing the machinery equipments but also the water treatment
chemicals that are highly required and most necessary in all kinds of industrial sectors for producing
the quality raw materials.
The kashetter group of firms are known for having the experienced professionals, who can design
any specified quality product’s and provide different kind of services to all the clients at any location
in the world.

Being the best conveyor belt manufacturers, our fabricators are able to customize any kind of
product with the specifications required by the client, designing them according to the standard
prescription provided by the Indian as well as the international standards in order to make then high
in quality and with high efficiency.

The conveyor belts are available in different types and depending upon the purpose and application
of the industrial sector, they are used extensively worldwide. the cherry groups are offering each
kind of conveyor belt also with the different specifications and hence if you’re looking for the related
product, you are just in the right place to order.

Conveyor belt manufacturers in Rajkot


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