Conveyor belt manufacturers in Ras Ai Khaimah

Each and every type of conveyor belt are highly in demand and popularly used in all the types of
industrial sectors worldwide. it hasn’t tremendous advantages of transporting even the heavier
objects from one place to another place either horizontally or even inclined, without creating any
damage to the object or to the property. The cherry groups add one of the best conveyor belt
manufacturers in Ras al khaimah since many years.

The services till now, that we have provided to the type of industries include the Pharmaceutical
industry, chemical industry, manufacturing industry, cement industry, fertiliser industry, paper
industry, packaging industry and many more types. the Kashetter group of firms are not only the belt
manufacturers but we are also the manufacturers off further water treatment chemicals and highly
demanded related industrial products.

All the details regarding the types of belts providing, are all mentioned on our official website. you
can check its availability and contact us for orders and if in case you have requirement for other
specifications or other design, you can feel free to contact us regarding the same.

The kashetter group of firms with established in India and we’re just glad to be considered as one of
the best belt conveyor manufacturers in Ras al khaimah since many years and we feel even more
glad that we are able to fulfil all the demands of the industrial needs and deliver the most high
quality efficient products to all our clients.

we have been very much dedicated to only this profession all fabricating all kinds of specified
products and ship them worldwide with various other mode of transportation that will suit the
interests and convenience of the clients. we provide shipping either by roadways, by Airways or by
railways and we are having the different production units located at different places of the world.

Conveyor belt manufacturers in Ras Ai Khaimah


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