Conveyor belt manufacturers in Sharjah

Sharjah known for its Arabic and Islamic architecture consists of almost 19 zones of industrial areas,
Have imported many of the industrial products from the cherry belts. we have been one of the best
Conveyor belt manufacturers in Sharjah since many years.

The cherry Belts are offering different types of conveyor belts for different applications and few of
them to mention are the cold resistant conveyor belt, high temperature pressure resistant conveyor
belt, endless conveyor belt, mining conveyor belt, rubber sheets, EPDM sheets, oil resistant
conveyor belt, corrosion resistant conveyor belt etc.

The cherry groups originally from Bangalore India but will started in the year 1964 with the motto of
fulfilling each and every dim and of the industrial needs and providing them with the necessary high
quality raw materials and equipments. we have never failed to follow the standard procedure for
fabrication process and has got a certification from both the Indian as well as the international

we not only supply and distribute the conveyor belt and other industrial products in Sharjah but we
also supply them to many of the foreign countries, and provide the various kind of transportation
facility. The kashetter Group of firms along with being one of the best conveyor belt manufacturers
in Sharjah, and also the most leading service providers of water treatment chemicals and other
related conveyor belts and rollers.

To know more information about the list of products and chemicals we are offering in bulk quantity
too all the locations, have a look at our website, go through the complete information and then you
can book an appointment with this for business queries or even just what’s up us for orders.
You can also get the best office available at the moment and be free to ask us about the same.

Conveyor belt manufacturers in Sharjah


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