Conveyor Belt manufacturers in Sri Lanka

Conveyor belt are popular and most extensively used in each and every kind of industrial sectors
irrespective of small scale and large scale business worldwide, because of its ability of transporting
the heavy loaded objects Easily and securely from one place to another place. Hence the kashetter
group of firms have been one of the best conveyor belt manufacturers in Sri Lanka since last few

We have not only been manufacturing them within Sri Lanka but also to the different locations
nearby. We’re offering it’s different types and different specified conveyor belt and they do also
have some other advantages, that is, decreasing the requirement of the manual labor and
increasing the efficiency and productivity of the industries with maintaining the quality standards of
the objects.

Being one of the best belt conveyor manufacturers in Sri Lanka made us to keep winning the trust of
more clients by our quality and efficient industrial products. each and every type of fabricated
products that we are shipping worldwide has a certification from both the Indian as well as the
international standards and they are fabricated under the guidance of the quality experts.

Some of the most important products that we are offering worldwide in the large quantities and in
different specifications are the oil resistant conveyor belt, mining conveyor rollers, machinery parts,
rubber sheets and its products, gearbox, vibrating motors, induction phase motor, wire meshes,
rubber mats, diamond rubber lagging sheets, white hygienic conveyor belt, water treatment
chemicals etc.

The cherry groups was for sure established in India but all the hard work that we have put together
all these years have made us to expand our business worldwide and We feel so glad to stand out of
the crowd for being considered as one of the most leading and trusted conveyor belt manufacturers.

Conveyor Belt manufacturers in Sri Lanka


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