Conveyor belt manufacturers in Sriperumbudur

Sriperumbudur consist of a lot of industrial sectors and the kashetter group of firms are considered
to be the most reliable and trusted conveyor belt manufacturers in Sriperumbudur since many years.
we have been designing the different varieties of conveyor belts that has the ability to perform
different functions and at different type of industrial sector.

each and every type of conveyor belts are specifically designed for an application and hence it is
very much required for all the clients to know the benefits and features of each type of conveyor
belt before choosing one. We have established the kashetter group of firms in Bangalore in order to
provide the best service to all the clients worldwide and help them achieve more productivity and

we have been into this field of business for more than 55 years and hence we have gained
enormous knowledge and has expert eased this field over all these years and has the ability to solve
any kind of issue. If the buyer is looking for the customized product’s, our fabricators can easily
fabricate them as per your requirements and specifications effortlessly and perfectly.

few of the different types of conveyor belts to mention are the high pressure resistance conveyor
belt, agro based conveyor belt, food grade conveyor belt, endless conveyor belt, mining conveyor
belt, fabric conveyor belt, cold resistant conveyor belt and the list just goes on with different

on being the best manufacturers of belt conveyor in Sriperumbudur, we have always made sure to
have a fair business with our clients and have focused on fulfilling all the demands of the industrial
needs. we ship worldwide with the most fast and secure mode of transportation and you can mail us
or whatsapp us, in case if you have any special requirements for transportation.

Conveyor belt manufacturers in Sriperumbudur


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