Conveyor belt manufacturers in UAE

Transporting the heavier objects and also the lighter objects from one place to another place either
horizontally or by inclined is the main fundamental use of conveyor belt. Kashetter group of firms
has been the most popular conveyor belt manufacturers in United Arab Emirates. we have been not
only the best conveyor belt manufacturers in UAE but we are also the best service providers here.

The kashetter Group of firms are offering the different types of conveyor belt for all kinds of
industrial sectors and has the ability to design them in different specifications and properties as per
the requirements. Each type of conveyor belt has its own benefits and hence they can be used only
for specific applications of industries.

Till now, we have Manufactured and distributed many wide range of conveyor belts in almost all the
types of industries in UAE. Some of the main types of conveyor belts are, sloped conveyor belt,
modular conveyor belt, Flat belt conveyor, curved conveyor belt, inclined conveyor belt, cleated
conveyor belt, specialty conveyor belt and many more. the objects that are conveyed on the belt
are of different nature and can consist of different shape and size.

It is a food processing and packaging industry the conveyor belts usually chosen will be free from oil
and acids. Hence the oil resistant conveyor belt and acid resistant conveyor belts can be used for
such application. similarly there are other kinds of industries for which specifically the conveyor belts
are being designed.

Being the best manufacturers of conveyor belt in UAE, Kashetter group of firms has always made
sure do use the high quality raw materials and best equipments for fabricating the different kinds of
industrial products. We made sure to get the certification from the most recognized Indian standard
set international standards which proves that the products we are delivering to the clients out of the
best quality.

Conveyor belt manufacturers in UAE


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