Conveyor Roller manufacturers in Abu Dhabi

Conveyor rollers are nothing better supporting structure to the conveyor belt, where the belt
revolves around the pulley in an endless loop and help the objects to be transported from one place
to another place easily and efficiently. Kashetter Group of firms are the best conveyor roller
manufacturers in Abu Dhabi since many years.

There are many different types of conveyor rollers available with us even in the different
specifications and few of them to mention are, the zero pressure roller conveyor, line shaft conveyor
roller, gravity conveyor roller, belt driven conveyor roller, chain driven roller conveyor and many

We are offering all of the above mentioned types of rollers with different specifications and we’re
glad that we have the most experienced and skilled manufacturers of conveyor rollers in Abu Dhabi.
For Being more than decades of years in this field of fabrication process we can now are Able to
design any specified conveyor rollers effectively. We are known for our professionalism and quality
services provided to the clients worldwide.

All industries in Abu Dhabi, that includes manufacturing and design industry, food handling and
packaging industry, for steel making and mail delivery services, for baggage handling and for many
more type of industries the kashetter group of firms has been providing with many of the industrial
products that also has a certification from both the international and Indian standards.

using of the conveyor rollers has a lot of benefits and the mean think of using the rollers is that they
can with stand the heavy duty loads and transport them reducing the risk causing to those goods.
you’re just in the perfect place if you’re looking for any kind of industrial products. we have many of
the specified products an along with that we also offer the customized products as per your

Conveyor Roller manufacturers in Abu Dhabi


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