Conveyor Roller manufacturers in Bangladesh

Bangladesh having its highest contribution in the field of textile industry and farming, Has even the
other types of industrial sectors, located at the east of India on the Bay of Bengal. The kashetter
group of firms are considered to be one of the most leading conveyor roller manufacturers in
Bangladesh since many years.

The kashetter groups are not only the contributors of the conveyor rollers but we are also one of the
largest and leading conveyor belt manufacturers in the entire world. we are offering the conveyor
rollers in its different types and specifications. Gravity rollers, line shaft conveyor roller, chain driven
and belt driven conveyor rollers are few of the main types of the rulers that we are offering in
different specifications.

Almost all kinds of industries in Bangladesh make use of the conveyor rollers on the conveyor belts
and we are the largest suppliers here. the using of conveyor rollers for different applications in the
industries have enabled them to gain the more efficiency and productivity, as these rollers serves
one of the fastest method for transportation of the heavy loaded objects, decreasing its requirement
of the labour time and energy.

Initially, as the kashetter group of firms were started in Bangalore I have been following the
professional methods and has been inculcating the new technologies for the fabrication process and
then we have gradually started exporting to many of the foreign countries. the high quality industrial
products and the best service of ours has enabled to gain the trust of the customers and all of this
has helped us in being considered as one of the best roller conveyor manufacturers in Bangladesh.

We are also supplying the water treatment chemicals, rubber sheets, EPDM sheets, oil resistant
conveyor belt, endless conveyor belt, food grade conveyor belt, mining heavy duty conveyor rollers,
wire meshes, induction motors, machinery parts etc to many of the industries in Bangladesh
irrespective of small scale and large scale business.

Conveyor Roller manufacturers in Bangladesh


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