Conveyor Roller manufacturers in Bhutan

Although the Bhutan is one of the smallest country yet it contributes about 58% of its agricultural
economy and 20% of its industrial economy to the country. The kashetter group of firms are said to
be one of the best and most leading conveyor roller manufacturers in Bhutan since many years,
where we have not only been the manufacturers of the conveyor roller but also the manufacturers
of the conveyor belt and other related industrial products and water treatment chemicals.

The most important industries in Bhutan are the cement industry, wood manufacturing, industries,
the industries that deal with the process of fruits and alcoholic beverages, tourism, and many more
sector’s. whatever type of the industry it might be, the conveyor rollers and the conveyor belt
serves as one of the most popular and highly demanded product that is used everywhere.

For being over more than the decades here as, the manufacturers of conveyor roller in Bhutan, has
made us to showcase our high quality industrial products which are efficient for all the types of
industrial sectors and win the trust of all the clients. whatever the type of industrial products that
we are fabricating here consists of the standard procedures and has a certification from the Indian
as last international standards.

We are so glad that the people here are loving our products and the services we are offering and
hence we have not received any kind of negative reviews on any of the type of conveyor rollers that
we have fabricated. you can still look for the other related products that we are offering right now
all over official website where you will get the complete information regarding its availability And

Also you can contact us by visiting us on the following location and contact information, on booking
an appointment with us. we also had the different production units set up at different locations of
the world for providing the fast services to the clients.

Conveyor Roller manufacturers in Bhutan


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