Conveyor Roller manufacturers in Bijapur

Conveyor rollers are best suited for heavy load transportation from one place to another place as it
ensures the safe transportation and results in saving a lot of time and energy of the labours. the
kashetter group of firms are considered to be one of the most trusted conveyor roller manufacturers
in Bijapur and we are not only being the manufacturers here also though dealers, exporter’s,
importers, wholesalers, retailers and service providers of all the white varieties of industrial

The conveyor roller has provided various solution for the industrial needs, where each and every
type of roller conveyers has its own benefits and properties and their chosen according to its
specification and properties only. All the water treatment chemicals or the conveyor rollers and its
related industrial products, that we are distributing into the market has got a certification from the
Indian standards and also the international standards.

on being one of the best manufacturers of roller conveyor in Bijapur we have always made sure that
we are fabricating only the efficient and high quality products in order to meet all the demands of
the industrial needs. Originally in 1964 the kashetter group of firms was established in Bangalore,
but we have not only restricted our services within Bangalore here exporting to the foreign countries

Not only are we the conveyor roller manufacturers to the entire world, we are also the dealers and
other service providers as mentioned above. we are providing the shipping with various modes of
transportation that will be according to the convenience of the customer.

To know more about the complete list of products and chemicals we are offering, about its
availability and the specifications, you just have to look over our official website and in case if you’re
not able to find your required specified products, you can ask us for the same and we will provide
you with its customized product.

Conveyor Roller manufacturers in Bijapur


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