Conveyor Roller manufacturers in Davangere

The conveyor roller consists of a series of rollers which are actually the supporting structure for the
conveyers fixed within a frame and help in transporting the objects from one place to another place
either manually, by gravity or even by power. The kashetter group of firms has been supplying many
types of conveyor rollers and we have also been one of the best and most leading conveyor roller
manufacturers in Davangere since last few years.

It is very easy to use the different types of conveyor rollers and it can be chosen only depending
upon the application requirements of the industries. the conveyor rollers comes with the different
specifications in its diameter, size, it’s construction material, its usage, its properties and many more
things. but kashetter group of firms has been providing the all the types of conveyor rollers the
industries in Davangere.

The cherry groups was established in Bangalore but we have been providing service to the places
other than Bangalore also and we have not only been there rollers manufacturers, we have also
been the manufacturers of conveyor belts and many other related machinery parts that are highly
demanded in the market.

We have decades of experience in fabrication and has been supplying the huge quantity of raw
materials and industrial products to almost every kind of industrial sector. we have the certification
for all the above mentioned type of industrial products from the Indian standards and also the
international standards and we not only are providing the service within India but also to the entire

we are so glad to be considered as one of the best and trusted manufacturers of conveyor roller in
Davangere, ask it consists of all over consistency in hard work and dedication towards our profession
and the focus on fulfilling all the demands of the industrial needs and the clients.

Conveyor Roller manufacturers in Davangere


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