Conveyor Roller manufacturers in Hubli

Conveyor roller are the supporting structure to the conveyor belt that are very efficient In
transporting the heavy loaded objects from one place to another place without causing any kind of
damage to the object. the kashetter group of firms are considered to be one of the most leading
and trusted conveyor roller manufacturers in Hubli since a very long time.

The cherry groups are offering the different types of conveyor rollers and we are offering them and
making them available to ship worldwide with the most affordable price. we have all the different
types and kinds of specifications available with us and even if there is no availability of your required
specified conveyor roller you can still contact us as we also customise them.

Being the best manufacturers of conveyor roller in Hubli we have always made sure to fulfil all the
demands of the industrial needs and has meet a fair business with all our clients. we have been very
much dedicated to our profession and has been inculcating the new technologies and
methodologies another fabrication process I never fail to give the high quality service to our clients.

We have Got the certification from both the Indian standards as well as the international standards
on all the types of conveyor rollers we are providing in Hubli. Few of the other related industrial
products that are extensively used in the industries of Hubli irrespective of small scale and large
scale industries are, water treatment chemicals, rubber sheets, EPDM sheets, oil resistant conveyor
belt, mining heavy duty conveyor rollers, machinery parts, wire meshes, etc.

Since the establishment of the kashetter group of firms in 1964 we have been the roller
manufacturers and has never failed to design the customized products as per the need of the clients.
all you have to do for making an order and no more information about the product in details is by
visiting our official website, where you can get the entire information about our company.

Conveyor Roller manufacturers in Hubli


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