Conveyor Roller manufacturers in Karwar

Kashetter group firms are established in Bangalore in the year 1964 fair we have been providing all
the kind of industrial services irrespective of the small scale and large scale business in the entire
India. The kashetter group of firms has been also considered to be one of the best and most trusted
conveyor roller manufacturers in Karwar since many years.

We have been providing with the different types of conveyor rollers along with its different
specifications in Karwar, Where all these fabricated types of conveyor rollers has a certification from
both the Indian as well as the international standards. The most basic fundamental use of conveyor
rollers is that they are capable of withstanding the heavier loads and offers the easy transportation
of the heavy loaded objects from one place to another place.

The conveyor rollers are nothing but the supported structure to the conveyor belts which is
connected in a continuous loop and offers different benefits depending upon the type of the
conveyor roller. as we have the most experienced team members and fabricators we can also guide
the customers in selecting the best one that well suits your applicational needs.

Being the best manufacturers of roller conveyor in Karwar, we have not only been the
manufacturers we have been providing them with all the services and making sure to fulfil the
demands of them. we always have followed the professional ethics and made the feed business with
all our clients here.

we are not only considered to be the best conveyor roller manufacturers here, we are also one of
the best dealers, wholesalers, the retailers, exporter’s, service providers of all the industrial products
including the conveyor roller. if you have any customized specification needs for your industrial
application you can directly contact us and we will provide you with the same.

For detailed information you can have a look at our website or you can also visit our company by
booking an appointment with us.

Conveyor Roller manufacturers in Karwar


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