Conveyor Roller manufacturers in Maldives

Maldives having a collection of more than thousand Islands in the Indian Ocean and is also one of
the most popular tourism place. But not only are they for the tourism they also consists of the main
industries covering the fish processing, boat building, coconut processing, garments, rope and
handicrafts making, sand mining etc. The charity groups are considered to be one of the most
popular and trusted conveyor roller manufacturers in Maldives since last few years.

The Maldives has the well established manufacturing industries, where we have been supplying not
only the conveyor rollers and its types but also many other related industrial machinery parts.
dimension some of the most highly supplied type of conveyor rollers are, the gravity conveyor roller,
chain driven roller conveyor, line shaft roller conveyor, belt driven conveyor roller etc.

Being the conveyor roller manufacturers, the main aim that we have set east fulfil all the demands of
the industrial needs and provide them the most efficient high quality products. We have never
neglected the suggestions that we have received from our clients on each and every purchases. we
have always rectified ourselves and the quality we are delivering and has been successfully fulfilling
the industrial needs.

For being the manufacturers of the conveyor rollers for more than 50 years we have been
inculcating the new technologies and methodologies for improving the services and this has helped
us to be considered as the most popular manufacturers of conveyor rollers in Maldives since last few

Oil resistant conveyor belt, endless conveyor belt, mining heavy duty conveyor rollers, machinery
parts, rubber sheets, EPDM sheets, wire meshes, gravity Conveyor roller, chain driven roller, ph
booster, RO biocide chemical, alkalinity reducer, oxygen scavenger, sludge conditioner powder
chemical etc, are also being offered by us in wide range of specifications.

Conveyor Roller manufacturers in Maldives


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