Conveyor Roller manufacturers in Myanmar

Myanmar consist of all kinds of industrial sectors that include agricultural processing, wood
products, cement industry, construction industry, fertiliser, garments fabrication, petroleum and
natural gas industry, Pharmaceutical industry etc. Kashetter Group of farms add one of the most
leading conveyor roller manufacturers in Myanmar since last few years.

The kashetter group of firms was actually established in India and the place called Bangalore and it’s
been more than 55 years since we have started this establishment for providing the various kind of
services to all the clients and fulfil the industrial needs. currently all the information regarding the
product’s we are offering has been updated on our website, from where you can get more
information about a company.

We also have the production units set up at different locations of the world and you can get the
location details of it from our website. we have been hard working and very much dedicated to our
profession for producing the most efficient high quality industrial products and has got the
expertization in the field of fabrication of the conveyor belts and rollers.

Almost all kinds of industries in Myanmar users most of the industrial products from our supplies.
we are so glad to know that we were able to fulfil their demands and produce them the efficient
high quality product that has the certification of the Indian and also the international standards.

Being one of the best manufacturers of conveyor roller in Myanmar have helped us to showcase our
professionalism to all the clients, there we have always followed the fair business with them and
considered their suggestions. You can order any specified conveyor roller and its types and in case if
it is not available with us, we can also customize them based upon your requirements and design
them according to your applicational needs.

Conveyor Roller manufacturers in Myanmar


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