Conveyor Roller manufacturers in Nepal

Nepal has its major export as a clothing, carpet and rug mills. Along with this, there are not many
more types of industrial sectors included here for multiple fabrications of the raw materials. The
Kashetter Group of one start one of the best conveyor roller manufacturers in Nepal and we have
been supplying all the different varieties and specifications of industrial machinery parts.

Each and every type of industries in Nepal make use of the best type of conveyor rollers available
with us and they are chosen according to its application requirements. each and every kind of
conveyor roller has its own importance and benefits and can be used only for the specific
applications based upon its design.

The kashetter group of firms was established in Bangalore, India, where we have started the process
of fabricating all kinds of industrial products and machinery parts and started supplying them to the
nearby locations and now we have been considered as one of the best conveyor roller
manufacturers and hence he had expanded our business worldwide.

some of the main types of conveyor rollers that we are fabricating and supplying to the entire world
in huge quantities are, gravity conveyor roller, line shaft conveyors, chain driven roller, etc. We are
so glad to be considered as one of the most popular and leading manufacturers of roller conveyor in
Nepal since many years.

We are fortunate enough to know that we are able to fulfil all the demands of the industrial needs
and has been providing the quality services to all the clients. this is one of the main reason that we
have not received any kind of negative reviews on our sold product and chemicals till now.

To know more about the company and about the total number of products, the type of products we
are offering right now. you can just visit the website and make an order through WhatsApp or even
contact us by sending us a mail.

Conveyor Roller manufacturers in Nepal


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