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Conveyor rollers manufacturer in Bangalore

Rollers are the supported structures that are binded within a frame and are extremely helpful in
conveying the various types of materials from one place to another place. The kashetter group of
firms are the best conveyor roller manufacturers in Bangalore with having the most unique
fabricated products distributed all over India.

since 1964, we have been correcting all the minor issues and has been improving on using the knew
methodologies and technologies involved in making the new kind of industrial equipment’s. There
are different kinds of conveyor rollers available with us and the customers can choose them
according to their required specifications as they are available in different size, specifications.

The cherry groups has always been the best manufacturers of conveyor roller in Bangalore since a
lot of years. We have the certification for all the varieties Off conveyor rollers available with us from
the standard Indian and international authorities.
We are not only the conveyor roller manufacturers within Bangalore we have also been the
manufacturers of many other industrial products like the cold resistant conveyor belt, wire meshes,
white hygienic conveyor belt, rubber sheets and its products, gearbox, vibrating motors and many
more products.

As we are offering The different types of conveyor rollers along with the conveyor belts which are
available in wide range of specifications and with the most affordable price and they are ready to
ship all over the world providing the clients with various fast and secure mode of transportation that
well suits their convenience.

In case if you’re looking for the best end unique kind of equipment or the product are looking for
collaboration, you can book an appointment with us and discuss regarding the same. further details
about the company and the services we are providing and all, will be available on our main website.

Conveyor rollers manufacturer in Bangalore​


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