Conveyor rollers manufacturer in Chennai

The kashetter group of firms being the best conveyor roller manufacturers in Chennai have been
distributing all the different kinds of conveyor rollers along with its wide range of specifications to
almost all kinds of industrial sectors that includes the pharmaceutical industries, mining industry,
chemical industry,, food processing and packaging industry, power plants, and a many more.

The cherry groups consist of all the different types of conveyor rollers which are highly demanding
all over the world for its best benefits and it’s affordable price. using them makes the work easier,
saving a lot of time as well as the energy of the manpower and increase list overall productivity and
efficiency of the industries.

The conveyor roller manufacturers, who has been working here always make sure to get the
complete information from the clients in order to make the best product’s that suits the application
and requirements of the industries. we make the equipment and products, according to the
prescription given by the Indian standards and international standards and hence we stand high in
quality and always follow the professional methods in each and every step of our business.

We are not only the roller manufacturers in Chennai but, we are also providing the various other
services like being the dealers, wholesalers, retailers, exporter’s, distributors, importers and service
providers of many other industrial equipment and the water treatment chemicals.

we have been following them new technologies and methodologies to increase the efficiency and
quality of our products and has always taken the clients suggestions into consideration and worked
upon it. hence we have not received any of the negative reviews on the delivered product and we’re
just glad to know that the people are loving the service we are providing.
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Conveyor rollers manufacturer in Chennai


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