Conveyor rollers manufacturer in Hospet

Over a wide range of industrial sectors can be observed in the hospet and we are the most leading
conveyor roller manufacturers in hospet. The main purpose of using the conveyor rollers is to
transfer the various kinds of industrial products or the objects that might be lighter, medium
weighted or heavy weighted from one place to another place in a short duration of time.

The cherry groups being the roller conveyor manufacturers has always focused on producing the
quality raw materials used for fabrication of the conveyor rollers and also made sure that they are
approved by the Indian standards and also the international standards so that the clients are
carefree about the quality and safety of using our products.

the conveyor roller usage consist of a lot of benefits to the industrial sectors and they help in
increasing the overall efficiency and productivity, decreasing the manpower and maintaining cost.
The kashetter group of firms was actually established in Bangalore in the year 1964 in order to
provide the best service to all the clients and fulfil the demands of the industrial needs.

we have never neglected the suggestions that we have got from the clients and that is how we have
been improving ourselves in providing the quality service. we have been very much dedicated to our
work and has gained enormous knowledge and having skilled in this profession of fabricating then
you kind of equipments effortlessly and perfectly. Also we are the best manufacturers of rollers in
Hosapete since a very long time.

as we are offering all these wide range of specified products all over the world, we have different
transportation facilities, that are safe and fast. we provide them by roadways, railways or either by
Airways depending upon the location and convenience of the clients.

Conveyor rollers manufacturer in Hospet


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