Conveyor rollers manufacturer in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is one of the most popular city in India where it consist of different types of industrial
sectors and we have been one of the most leading conveyor roller manufacturers in Hyderabad since
a very long time. the conveyor rollers are highly effective in transporting the materials from one
place to another place whether it may be a light weighted objects or a heavy weighted.

the conveyor rollers are attached to the conveyor for easy transportation and delivers it to the
destination point within a short period of time and results in decreasing the manpower and
increasing the productivity of industries. they consist of a lot of benefits off decreasing the need for
maintenance, Saving a lot of time and energy, increasing the life span of the equipments and many

the cherry groups are not only the manufacturers of conveyor rollers in Hyderabad, beer also the
manufacturers of many other most demanded products like, cold resistant conveyor belt, mining
conveyor rollers, machinery parts, rubber sheets and its products, gearbox, vibrating motors, endless
conveyor belt, bucket elevators, food grade conveyor belt, high temperature resistant conveyor belt,
mining heavy duty conveyor rollers etc.

being the conveyor roller manufacturers we have always maintain the high quality raw materials
used for fabricating them and followed the standard steps and rules mentioned on the international
and Indian committee. Not only that we have also made several tests on it and when it is confirmed
that they are safer to use then only they are approved for distribution.

hence the kashetter group of firms are known for their professionalism and quality industrial
products. we are not only the manufacturers we are also offering wide range of services to all the
clients and we mainly work for customer satisfaction an fulfilling the demands of the industrial

Conveyor rollers manufacturer in Hyderabad


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