Conveyor rollers manufacturer in Kanpur

Kanpur consist of the most popular industrial sectors and for all of them the cassette are group of
firms has always been the most leading and trusted conveyor roller manufacturers in Kanpur. we
have been supplying them and making than you product’s and distributing them to all the
commercial areas, small scale business and also for the large scale industries.

the conveyor rollers consists of many types and to mention few of them are, chain driven roller,
gravity roller, belt driven rollers, line shaft roller conveyor, zero pressure roller conveyor etc. Each of
its types has different benefits and consists of different features and properties.

The clients should be aware of the different types and choose them wisely so that they fit into the
applicational requirements as they need. even if there are never office there is no issue because we
have the most experienced people for suggesting the best suitable type of conveyor roller.

on being the manufacturers of roller in Kanpur since all these years, we have gained a lot of faith
and trust from all the clients as we have always being professional with our clients and has always
may the field business with them. we have established this cherry groups in order to fulfil all their
industrial needs and keep on improving the quality standards and inculcate the new technologies
and methodologies in our fabrication.

Not only the conveyor roller manufacturers, the kashetter Group of firms are also known for
providing various other services to the people in Kanpur. we have served many of the clients being
the dealers, wholesalers, retailers, importers, exporter’s and service providers of many types of
industrial products and equipments.

To know more about the transportation facilities and about other services, you can just have a look
at our website or even WhatsApp us for orders and queries.

Conveyor rollers manufacturer in Kanpur


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