Conveyor rollers manufacturer in Kolhapur

Kolhapur has the major industries consisting of the spinning mills, textile mills, poultry, foundries,
manufacturing industry, sugar industry and many more. the conveyor rollers plays a very important
role in all these kinds of industrial sectors, it is very much helpful in transporting the materials from
one place to another place without creating the problem of spillage. The cherry groups are the most
trusted conveyor roller manufacturers in Kolhapur.

we have been offering all the types of conveyor rollers and wide range of its specifications to all the
kinds of industries in Kolhapur. we have been very much dedicated to our work and has always been
focusing on improving the standards unprofessionalism that we are dealing with our clients.

till now we have supplied only the quality products and hence we have not received any kind of
negative Reeves on our delivered products. on being the best manufacturers of conveyor roller in
Kolhapur it is very glad to know that the people are loving our service.

All the industries in Kolhapur not only uses the conveyor roller that we are producing, there are a lot
of other industrial products from us that the industries are making use of. such as, the wide range
and varieties of water treatment chemicals, all the types of conveyor belts and conveyor rollers,
machinery parts, rubber sheets and its products, gearbox, vibrating motors, induction phase motor,
wire meshes etc.

Even though the kashetter Group affirms was established in Bangalore we have expanded our
business all over the world and providing the transportation systems by roadways, railways are
either by Airways depending upon the customers location and their convenience.

we have also set up some of the production units at different locations of the world and you can
know more about it, about the company and regarding all the services we are providing from our
official website and contact us directly through WhatsApp for booking orders and to solve all your

Conveyor rollers manufacturer in Kolhapur


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