Conveyor rollers manufacturer in Ludhiana

Ludhiana consist of large manufacturing industries and we have been one of the most leading and
trusted conveyor roller manufacturers in Ludhiana since many years. using of the conveyor rollers in
the industrial sectors can help in getting the fast production and making the work easier.

there are a lot type of benefits on using the conveyor rollers and each type of roller consists of
different properties and applications. The cherry groups are offering all the types of rollers and they
are made available to ship all over the world. The Clients need not to worry about the quality,
because we have the ISO certification on all the industrial equipments.

the cherry groups was established in order to provide all the clients the most efficient equipment
and help them achieve the overall increased productivity. Hence we have not only been the
conveyor roller manufacturers, we have also been the dealers, wholesalers, retailers, exporter’s,
importers and service providers of thousands of industrial equipments.

not only the conveyor rollers, the industries also has a great popularity for the conveyor belts also.
They both together helps all the kind of industrial sectors to achieve the best productivity and fast in
the work, the resulting in decreasing the manpower and saving a lot of energy and time.

We are offering the best price for all kinds of conveyor rollers that well suits its quality as well as the
safety. mainly the conveyor rollers are used for conveying the various different kinds of materials
from one place to another place which acts as a supporting role for the conveyor system.

We have the best of manufacturing team, if you’re looking for designing a new kind of equipment for
your application. for any kind of queries and making a new request, you’re always welcome to
contact us or book an appointment with us to discuss about your needs in details.

Conveyor rollers manufacturer in Ludhiana


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