Conveyor rollers manufacturer in Manesar

Conveyor rollers are suitable for both light as well as the heavy applications, Where there will be a
series of roller supported within a frame and the different types of objects will be able to move on it
either manually or by gravity and also by power. The cherry groups have been the conveyor roller
manufacturers in Manesar since many years.

The roller conveyor consists of a lot of benefits where it has the ability to allow the objects to stake
across its surface and offers safe and fast load transportation system. they reduced the this of
different goods being damaged and hence their use in the applications like food handling, packaging,
mail delivery service, steel making, logistics, manufacturing etc.

The kashetter Group of firms are offering all the different types of roller conveyor such as the gravity
roller conveyor, belt driven roller conveyor, chain driven, zero pressure roller conveyor, line shaft
roller conveyor and many more with wide range of specifications. we are considered to be the most
leading manufacturers of roller conveyor in Manesar since a very long time.

One of the best benefit of using these rollers is that, we, the conveyor roller manufacturers Design
them according to the specifications required by the clients. hence the product delivered to the
industries are well suites to its application and last for a longer period of time increasing its overall
productivity and efficiency.

There are lot other kinds of equipments available with us in wide range of specification and also do
has the certification From the Indian standards and international standards as well. The most
popular products we are delivering worldwide are, cold resistant conveyor belt, endless conveyor
belt, mining conveyor rollers, machinery parts, high temperature resistant conveyor belt, fabric
conveyor belt, diamond rubber lagging sheets, vibratory motor etc.

Conveyor rollers manufacturer in Manesar


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