Electric Hoist dealers In Kolkata

Kolkata is one of the fastest growing industrial cities, where most of the industrial units are operated
by the large public sector as well as the private sector corporations. To all the heavy-duty steel
industries, heavy engineering industry textile industry, mining industry, mineral industry as well as
the pharmaceutical industries, the Kashetter group of firms have been supplying and providing with
the consistent solutions since more than decades of years. Hence, we are considered to be the most
reliable electric hoist dealers in Kolkata.

The electric hoist is one of the best material handling equipment that offers the easy lifting and
lowering of the materials as well as the products that are heavy loaded. They utilize and are powered
by the electric motor that consists of a controller for adjusting the lifting parameters. We are also
offering the different types of hoists depending upon the driving mechanism. You can just check out
our official website to explore more types of hoists available with us and then order depending upon
your requirements.

The electric hoist is usually placed in a position above the object that has to be lifted. They are also
designed for achieving the cleanroom environment so that they are suitable even for the applications
where there is the requirement and necessity for handling the food related items as well as the
pharmaceutical products. Almost all the types and specifications of electric hoist price comes in a
very reasonable cost and they’re not just offered in Kolkata but to all the other locations in India.

Apart from being the most reliable dealers of electric hoist in Kolkata we have also been known for
being the best manufacturers of conveyor belts and rollers that we have been offering all over the
world but having the quality approval certification by the Indian standards, international standards
that holds a greater value.

Electric Hoist dealers In Kolkata