Electric Hoist Manufacturers In Agra

Agra has always been famous for having the textile industry which is playing a major role in the
entire growth of the textile as well as the chemical industries all over India. Because of this, this place
has been popularly known as the textile hub of India. The population here consists of almost
74,00,000 and this place is located on the banks of river Sabarmati. Most of the industrial sectors as
well as the commercial places have been utilizing consistently with the best and most efficient
products offered by the Kashetter group of firms and hence we are considered to be the most reliable
electric hoist manufacturers in Agra since a very long time.

The electric wire rope hoist utilizes the electricity in order to lift the heavy loaded objects and goods
by using the help of the drum which is wrapped with a rope. Basically, there are three types of hoists
which are nothing but, the ceiling hoist, stationary hoist, mobile hoist and the gantry hoist. The
electric hoist price offered by the Kashetter group of firms in Agra comes in a very reasonable costs
and it also has some of the great features such as having the motor break, the limit switch, Helical
gearbox, carbon steel in hook an few more features.

However, we have not only just been one of the most reliable and trusted manufacturers of electric
hoist in Agra but we have also been one of the most notable manufacturers of the same even in their
other locations of India such as the Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Lucknow and
many more.

The main types of electric hoist are actually the electric chain hoist and the electric wire rope hoists.
we offer each of the type along with a different specification and you can explore about the same on
visiting our main website.

Electric Hoist Manufacturers In Agra