FAG Bearing Dealers In Bangalore

The FAG bearing provides the easy solution for many of the trucks and trailers and in the different
industries for multiple applications. The FAG bearings are highly effective and simple to use and also
they are available in different types and specifications. The kashetter Group of firms have been
serving the clients in Bangalore and also outside Bangalore with all the different types of FAG
bearings and hence you are also considered to be the most trusted and reliable FAG bearing dealers
in Bangalore.

For the applications most probably in the trucks and buses, these bearings provide already to repair
solutions. they can be fitted easily and quickly when compared to the other conventional wheel
bearing. irrespective of the small scale and large scale and also depending upon the type of industry
they are used for many applications.

On being one of the best dealers of FAG bearing in Bangalore, the Kashetter Group of firms has
always made sure that the clients are receiving the high quality products which has a certification
from the ISO standards. some of the main benefits of using these bearings is that they have the
ability of increasing the dynamic load ratings up to the 20%, they have less friction, they require
lower operating costs, less energy consumption, Less noise, let’s strain, Improved lubrication which
results in extending the maintenance intervals and many more.

Other than the FAG bearings the cherry groups are offering the highly demanded industrial products
and machinery parts for multiple applications such as the rubber sheets, EPDM sheets, wire meshes,
rubber mats, diamond rubber lagging sheets, vibratory motor, gearbox , induction motor, conveyor
spares, rubber beading, and many more.

We have started a business in Bangalore and has been hard working since 1964 in order to make
sure we are able to fulfil all the demands of the industrial needs. overall these past years we have
improved each and every process and now we are able to export them to many of the foreign
countries also.

CHERRY FAG Bearing Dealers In Bangalore