FAG Bearing Dealers In Pune

Pune has the status of being the capital of Maharashtra consisting with the famous the Dadgdu
ganapati temple and many other religious places. It also consists of some most famous tourism place
and many important major industrial products that if very important for providing the great
economy to the country. All the needs and requirements of the industrial sector has been fulfilled by
the Kashetter Group of firms and hence we are also on the top list of being the most reliable FAG
bearing dealers in Pune.

As there are different types of bearings when it comes to the applicational requirement, we are
offering the most affordable price of FAG bearing in India. Till now, we have supplied all the
recommended specifications of the fact bearing to the important metropolitan cities like Bangalore,
Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Gujarat, Nagpur, Jaipur, Pune, Coimbatore,
Ahmedabad, Vishakhapatnam, Aurangabad etc, And has successfully covered all the states in India.

The kashetter Group of firms are not just the dealers of FAG bearing in Pune we’re also the
wholesalers, exporters and distributors of these FAG bearing since many years. We have started the
firm in 1964 which was established in Bangalore but we have expanded of a business over these
years by inculcating than you smart technologies and methodologies and making sure to provide the
efficient products to the customers and satisfy all the demands.

Apart from the FAG bearing, you can also look for the related industrial products that are highly
recommended for the industrial sectors to run smoothly and achieve more efficiency and
productivity. if you find any kind of confusion while choosing you can also ask us without any issue.
we have the most experienced and skilled manufacturers and other team members for providing any
kind of service to the clients.

CHERRY FAG Bearing Dealers In Pune