FAG Bearing Distributors In Pune

kashetter group of firms are one of the most popular and reliable service providers in Pune since all
the time where we have been supplying the clients and all kinds of small scale and large scale
industries with over the necessities regarding the products and water treatment chemicals. We are
known for professionalism and the quality services and hence we are considered to be one of the
most reliable FAG bearing distributors in Pune.

The cherry groups have been supplying ball bearing, roller bearing, self aligning bearing, angular
contact ball bearing, bearing accessories and a lot more types not just in Pune but also in the other
states of India such as, in Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, and many other important
metropolitan cities.

Well we are not only just the distributors Within India we have also exported them to do foreign
countries like China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and many more. we are also
offering the most affordable price of FAG bearing all over India and abroad and making sure that the
clients are making the best utilization of these types of industrial products.

On being one of the best distributor of FAG bearing in Pune, the Kashetter group of firms has
always made sure to rectify each and every small issue that the client has been facing, so that there
won’t be any chance for the clients to feel the dissatisfaction on buying the product from us.

We Are providing the clients with three modes of transportation all over India and abroad. We also
have the certification from the highly recognized Indian standards and international standards on
each type of product that we are delivering to the clients at their doorsteps. customers can contact
us for clearing the queries Anytime at your convenient mode.

CHERRY FAG Bearing Distributors In Pune