FAG Bearing Distributors In Vadodara

Vadodara is actually known for having the major chemical industries in India consisting of the Indian
petrochemicals limited, dolf industries, altop industries limited, and a lot more. We have always been
pleasured to distribute the different types of products to the clients in Vadodara, as it’s been more than
decades of years since we have been doing fair business with all the clients here. And this has
built the trust between us. To fulfil all the industrial demands of the market, the cherry groups have
always been one step ahead better work quality and efficient products and hence we are also
considered to be the most reliable FAG bearing distributors in Vadodara since a very long time.

If the ball bearings are capable of being used in the rotating parts to reduce the friction and move
smoothly, the radial bearings are suitable for providing the support to the loads, where the force will
be perpendicular to the shaft and similarly the angular bearings perform some other applications. All
these types of bearings have its own importance and are suitable only for certain applications in the

The Kashetter group of firms along with being the distributors of FAG bearing in Vadodara, are also
the distributors of products like conveyor belt, water treatment chemical, different types of gearboxes,
silicon rubber beading, vibratory motor, super heat resistant conveyor belt, food grade conveyor belt,
mining heavy duty conveyor roller, wire mesh, and the list just goes on.

As we not only just provide the FAG bearing, the clients who are interested to know the information
about the related products that performs the same application, can visit our official page and get
themselves educated with lot of information. If you feel confused regarding what to choose, do not get
worried. We will be providing you with the proper guidance to buy.

CHERRY FAG Bearing Distributors In Vadodara