Flameproof Electric Hoist Manufacturers In Agra

Agra has hundreds of exporting units and this one of the most important industrial city in India. the
flameproof electric hoist are used for lifting up the different capacities of the objects easily and
hence because of this benefit they are being used in different applications of the industrial sectors.
The kashetter Group of firms have been serving the electric hoist equipments of different types and
specifications to the industries all over India and hence were also considered to be the most trusted
and reliable flameproof electric hoist manufacturers in Agra.

Some of the different types of electric proof hosts that are easily available in the market and in the
most affordable price is that the standard flameproof hoist, hook suspension type, flexible trolley
type, push pull trolley type, external trolley type, hand get trolley type etc. They also have the
different features and benefits and depending upon these factor, they are chosen for different

The cherry groups first started in Bangalore so that we become the solution for fulfilling all the
demands Of the industrial needs. and feel even glad for being considered to be the most desirable
and leading manufacturers of flameproof electric hoist in Agra. we’re having the certification from
the highly recognized authorities on each and every product that we are fabricating here. hence the
customers need not to worry about it’s safety of using.

Along with the flameproof electric hoist, we’re also offering the other related product such as,
corrosion inhibitor, corrosion resistant conveyor belt, oil resistant conveyor belt, mining conveyor
rollers, machinery parts, rubber sheets, EPDM sheets, wire meshes, rubber mats, diamond rubber
lagging sheets, vibratory motor, gearbox, induction motor, water boiler treatment chemicals, etc.

Due to all these efficient services we have not yet received any kind of negative reprieves ah never
service and if in case you’re looking further customized products you can directly contact us for
making them as we have the most experienced and skilled fabricators for that purpose.

Cherry Flameproof Electric Hoist Manufacturers In Agra


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