Flameproof Electric Hoist Manufacturers In Amritsar

Amritsar is actually engaged mostly in the production of the goods like paper cutting, textile
machinery, wood and machines screw, Printing and machinery, electric fan, engineering goods,
chemicals and many more. in each of these mentioned industries for different type of application
the flameproof electric hoists are being used in order to lift the materials and objects of different
capacities. Hence there is a great demand for the flameproof electric hoist manufacturers in
Amritsar since many years.

The kashetter Group of firms has been providing all the services specially when it comes to fulfilling
the demands of the industries, which has been actually our main focus. we are offering the different
types and specifications of the flameproof electric hoist and also offering them the customization in
these varieties.

As Cherry groups have been one of the best manufacturers of flameproof electric hoist in Amritsar,
we accept orders for the customization of any kind of industrial equipment, as a team members
having excelled in this fabrication process I never fail to maintain the professionalism with the clients
offering them the most high quality and efficient service.

The cherry groups are not just the electric hoist manufacturers, we are also the manufacturers of
conveyor belt, mining conveyor rollers, machinery parts, rubber sheets, EPDM sheets, oil resistant
conveyor belt, endless conveyor belt, wire meshes, water treatment chemicals, rubber mats etc.

The transportation facilities will be provided to the customer as per the convenience and as the
clients needs. the transportation would be provided either by roadways, railways and by Airways in
fast and secure way. If the client is having any queries regarding our company and the services we
are providing you’re most welcome to visit the company by booking an appointment with us and
also checkout our main official page for more details.

Cherry Flameproof Electric Hoist Manufacturers In Amritsar


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