Flameproof Electric Hoist Manufacturers In Bangalore

Bangalore consist of both the heavy as well as the light industries that contributes its maximum to
do economy of the country. Bangalore has the steel factories, cement production, mining industry,
aerospace, pharmaceuticals, food processing industry,, automobile industry, mining industry and
many more types. The kashetter Group of firms were started in Bangalore and we have been
providing them with all the necessities since 1964 and due to this reason we are also considered to
be one of the best flameproof electric hoist manufacturers in Bangalore since many years.

The flameproof hoist are actually designed in white range of lifting capacity. They comes with
different types of cross travel trolleys in order to be used in different kind of applications few of the
types of flameproof hoist to mention our, standard flameproof hoist, hand gated trolley type flame
proof hoist, power travel trolley types flameproof hoist, external trolley type flameproof hoist and
many other things.

The cherry groups are so glad to be the best manufacturers of flameproof electric hoist which
council staff many advantages on using in the different applications like having the increased
productivity, having the high load capacity, it’s versatility, the cost effectiveness, Having the list
noise and many other.

The flameproof electric hoist is applicable for the outdoor applications or in the situation where the
dust if the inflammable substance, providing its unique solution for providing the hygienity and
safety. these are specially designed for being used in highly inflammable areas which are having the
approval of the cmrs.

There is A lot more information provided on our official page where you can get the entire details
regarding the company, about our production units, about the facilities that we are delivering to the
clients, and the entire list of the products along with its cost and description details. have a look at it
and book your orders ask for your requirements.

Cherry Flameproof Electric Hoist Manufacturers In Bangalore


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