Flameproof Electric Hoist Manufacturers In Chennai

Flameproof electric hoist are specially designed for lifting the different range of objects easily and
they comes with a different cross travels to negotiate the small radius. They are used in different
kind of applications in almost all kinds of industrials retires irrespective of the small scale and large
scale business. Hence there is a greater demand for the flameproof electric hoist manufacturers in

They are available in different specifications and hence depending upon those properties they differ
in its benefits. The kashetter Group of firms are offering all of the wide range of specified electric
hoist and made them available to all the customers in the most affordable price.

Although we have started our business in Bangalore in the year 1964 due to all the hard work that
we have been putting together have made us to be recognized by the people for our work and
professionalism. and this has led us to be considered as one of the best manufacturers of flameproof
electric hoist in Chennai.

We feel fortunate enough for fulfilling all the demands of the market and fulfilling there demands by
the hi quality efficient products. As a team has been very hard working and has been dedicated to
this profession for more than decades of years, we have been excelled in this fabrication process and
hence are offering even the customized products depending upon the requirements of their

We are following only the quality standard procedures as mentioned in the Indian standards for the
fabrication process. And you do this, we also have the certification from the highly recognized
authorities of Indian standard sentence international standards. We are not just the electric hoist
manufacturers in Chennai but also in India.

Make your orders as soon as possible and if you face any difficulty in choosing the best one, you can
always contact us to clear your queries.

Cherry Flameproof Electric Hoist Manufacturers In Chennai


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