Flameproof Electric Hoist Manufacturers In Kanpur

Kanpur is the popularly known city in India for its textile and leather business. however there is also
the involvement of the other important industrial sectors that refers to the food products, leather
products, non metallic minor, machinery part, garments and many more. Kashetter group of firms
has been one of the largest service providers in Kanpur with the various designing industrial product
supply. it also considered to be one of the best and most reliable flameproof electric hoist
manufacturers in Kanpur since many years.

As each and every type of application or the task in the industrial sectors needs a certain products
with the specific properties are the specifications, the electric hoist are available indifferent types
and specifications. hence the customers are needed to choose the best type of hoist with certain
features that well suits their requirement.

The Cherry groups are not only just the best electric hoist manufacturers in Kanpur, but we are also
the best service providers here because of continuously providing the customers with a high quality
products and the most safe transportation facility. We also have the certification from the Indian
standards for each and every type of flameproof electric hoist that we are fabricating and
distributing to the market.

Some of the most common features of the flameproof electric hoist is that they consist of an
adjustable trolley with having the flange mounted type helical gearbox. the hoisting speed will be as
per the requirements. They have the box type quality control panel and bearing flange mounted
type. There are few other more desirable features depending upon the type of hoist.

we’re just fortunate enough to be considered as the most leading manufacturers of flameproof
electric hoist in Kanpur. Even though all the hard work of us that have been put together has made
us to stand in this place today we never compromise with the quality and efficiency of the products
and always follow the professional ethics With all the clients.

Cherry Flameproof Electric Hoist Manufacturers In Kanpur


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