Food Grade Rubber Conveyor Belt Manufacturers in Aurangabad

Aurangabad is India’s well-planned Greenfield as well as the smart industrial city being developed
forever the area of 10,000 acres in Maharashtra by being a part of the Delhi Mumbai industrial
corridor. Almost 60% of the land is kept for carrying out the industrial practices and to make sure that
these industries are working efficiently by saving a lot of time and energy, the Kashetter group of
firms have been providing with the necessary products for this purpose. Hence, we are considered to
be the most reliable food grade rubber conveyor belt manufacturers in Aurangabad since more than
decades of years.

Conveyors were considered as one of the common solutions that can be applied for different
applications in food industries. Here the process of transportation of the food materials will be
effective and energy intensive. Yet the conveyors aren’t the best solutions for carrying out the
different types of applications in the food related industries whereas, the specially designed food
grade rubber belts are highly effective for the applications of same. Because it consists of some
desirable properties and features which enables the food materials to be in the perfect condition and
do not get spoiled due to the different weather conditions or either due to the presence of the

Apart from being the manufacturers of food grade rubber conveyor belt in Aurangabad, we are also
the manufacturers of other types of conveyor belts also. Apart from Aurangabad we have also been
providing the same to the other cities in India consisting of the most important metropolitan cities like
Hyderabad, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai and a lot more.

You will get all the specifications and the types of food grade rubber conveyor belt here and if you
have still more different specifications necessity, you can still make your orders by giving you are
needed specification details.

Food Grade Rubber Conveyor Belt Manufacturers in Aurangabad