Food Grade Rubber Conveyor Belt Manufacturers in Bangalore

Bangalore is actually considered as the India’s start-up capital where we find thousands of people
establishing the different warehouse, factories and the small-scale industries. It is known as the
Silicon Valley of India where the landmarks observed in Bangalore are the Ulsoor lake, Vidhana
sauda, many of the majestic buildings and the rich architecture. Other than these factors there are
many manufacturing industries located here to which the Kashetter group of firms have been
providing the best solution since a very long time. So, we are considered to be the most reliable food
grade rubber conveyor belt manufacturers in Bangalore.

The food grade belts come with a different construction material and depending upon these factors
they will be utilized for different applications especially in the industries related to the food
processing and handling type of industries where there is an easy transportation and handling of the
food materials from one place to another place. When it comes to the types and cost of these conveyor
belts, they will be offered to the customers in a very affordable cost and we are also making them
available in a wide range of specifications all over the world.

The Kashetter group of firms apart from being the manufacturers of food grade rubber conveyor belt
in Bangalore are also one of the major and most leading manufacturers of conveyor belts of other
types like the oil resistant conveyor belt, fire resistant conveyor belt, super heat resistant conveyor
belt, endless conveyor belt, fabric conveyor belt, construction conveyor belt, mining conveyor belts
and a lot more other type.

Even if you have the requirement for the customization of the food grade rubber conveyor belt, we
also provide with the same and hence you can just have a look at our official page to explore more of
our available products and get in contact with us depending upon your comfortable mode of

Food Grade Rubber Conveyor Belt Manufacturers in Bangalore