Food Grade Rubber Conveyor Belt Manufacturers in Coimbatore

Kashetter group of firms was established in Bangalore for fabricating the various types of premium
quality products equipment as well as the chemicals to offer the different types of industries residing
in India. Our first and foremost focus has always been on helping out the industries to work efficiently
for gaining higher productivity no matter what type and scale of industry it is. We have been offering
with similar products since 1964 and hence we are considered to be the most reliable food grade
rubber conveyor belt manufacturers in Coimbatore.

Along with the food grade belt, we also provide with a white food grade rubber conveyor as well as
the elevator base specially designed for the applications related to the agricultural industry and the
food processing and packaging industry. Similarly, if you have any different necessities or the
requirements of specific products you can discuss the same with us because we have the most
experienced and well-trained fabricators for this purpose.

On having considered to be the most reliable manufacturers of food grade rubber conveyor belt in
Coimbatore, we have always made sure that the products we have been fabricating here consist of the
best procedure and the standard specifications as prescribed in the international standards. We have
never stopped focusing on the customer satisfaction and achieving the high-quality products after
achieving the theme and getting the certification of quality from the high recognized authorities. We
have been making sure to understand the requirements of the clients and have been providing with the
same and hence we have not received any of the negative reviews on our fabricated products.

Other than the food grade rubber conveyor belt, the other types of highly recommended products for
the similar application are the white hygienic conveyor belt, water treatment chemicals, machinery
parts and few other products.

Food Grade Rubber Conveyor Belt Manufacturers in Coimbatore