Food Grade Rubber Conveyor Belt Manufacturers in Delhi

There is a huge setup of factories and new establishments in Delhi and for this purpose, there is a
necessity of vast acres of land for carrying out all the massive operations of industries. The Kashetter
group of firms have been providing with the most necessary type of products to the club lines in Delhi
since 1964 due to which we are considered to be one of the most notable food grade rubber conveyor
belt manufacturers in Delhi.

The food grade conveyor belts are specially designed for carrying out the applications in the food
processing and packaging industry as well as the pharmaceutical and agro based industries also. This
actually ensures the non toxicity for all the food materials that are being conveyed on the belt. These
belts are the true monolithic plastic products which are designed for promoting the improved hygienic

The Kashetter group of firms are not just only the manufacturers of food grade rubber conveyor belt
in Delhi but we are also providing the same kind of products even in the other cities also. Such as,
Bangalore Hyderabad Kolkata Mumbai, Lucknow Amritsar, Ahmedabad Aurangabad Kolhapur
Nagpur Kanpur and lot of other cities located in India.

Not just within India we’re also providing the huge quantities of different varieties of conveyor belts
to foreign countries also majorly covering the countries like Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates,
Afghanistan, Bangladesh Pakistan for my Sri Lanka, Bhutan and many other foreign countries. Apart
from the food grade rubber conveyor belt we also offered the customization of the other types of
conveyor belts also. If you are looking for the other type of product that offer the solution for other
applications in the industrial sector, you can just have a look at our official page and explore yourself
with more information.

Food Grade Rubber Conveyor Belt Manufacturers in Delhi